Our commitment : quality at the service of your product

Our quality policy is based on client satisfaction and customer safety. Therefore, we have been committed for years in a continuous improvement approach, and we work under a Quality Insurance system covering for all of our company’s processes, from development to shipment.



Regulatory compliance


Your food supplements are formulated and manufactured in compliance with the current regulations. Our proactive monitoring from our various departments guarantee you that every regulatory evolution will be taken into account. 

We have also partnered with a consulting firm specialised in regulatory compliance in order to strengthen our knowledge on the most advanced topics. 

Therefore, we select very carefully our raw materials to meet the market demands and the regulatory constraints.

Moreover, we have set up an identification and allergen management procedure, from formulation to production.


A high quality output guaranteed


Quality is the the core of our products development from the selection of our raw materials, the formulation, the packaging, the industrial transposition, the stability to the manufacturing. 

We systematically control everything that goes in or out our site. We guarantee a computerised traceability for all ingredients, packagings and finished products.  

We have implemented a control plan all along our manufacturing process from the raw materials reception to the finished products dispatch. We have also set up a dangers and risks assessment method.

We manufacture and pack our food supplements observing GHP (Good Hygiene Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements.

Our site in Vendée is ISO 22000 certified by Bureau Veritas and Agriculture Biologique certified by Ecocert.

All of our food supplements targeting sportsmen and sportswomen are in compliance with anti-doping standard (AFNOR NF V94-001).


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Analytical quality

STRAPHARM has built strong partnerships with specialised medical laboratories in order to guarantee the intrinsic quality and safety of its products. We are therefore able to offer subcontracted analysis services for all active ingredients we use (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, lactic acid bacteria…) and contaminants (heavy metals, pesticides, migration activities testing…).


You export your products out of Europe?


We stand out as a preferred partner to design your food supplements according international regulatory constraints. We also guide you through the registration of your food supplements in the countries you want to export to.

We deliver a « food supplements » GMP certificate that is required in case of exportation out of Europe. This document will help register your products in Asia, Middle East and South America.

We are also pre-registered with the FDA in the United States of America (Food department).


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STRAPHARM is an active member of the Sanydiet organisation, major stakeholder in the food supplements regulations field in France and Europe.


STRAPHARM is a member of the Phytolia organisation to support stakeholders in the plant for health, beauty and wellbeing field in Pays de la Loire.