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Nous accompagnons nos clients dans toutes les étapes nécessaires au développement, à la fabrication, et au conditionnement de leurs compléments alimentaires.

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Our range of ready to use food complements allows you to save both time and money while designing and developing your product.

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About us

Strapharm is a human scale SMB with over 30 years of experience in dry form food supplements. Because of its know-how, its flexible and adaptable industrial installation and its special relationship with its French and international clients, STRAPHARM has been able to grow and extend its range of products since 1987 and has become a long-standing player in the food supplements manufacturing field. The growth of our company has always been based on 4 essential values that represent our genuine fondation : innovation - quality - transparency - client satisfaction. As a technical expert in development and manufacturing of plant-based and probiotic nutraceuticals, we are committed in a policy of permanent innovation. We aim to always look ahead to foresee tomorrow’s nutraceuticals !

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Notre actualité

STRAPHARM is growing and modernising !

Because of its significant organic growth, we were feeling a little cramped for room. New...

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Strapharm on the international stage


Strapharm, French manufacturer of food supplements for your needs on the international stage. Our expertise extends also to export. We guide laboratories and distributors through the design, manufacturing and packaging of their food supplements for French, European and international markets.

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