Our distinctive feature : a French manufacturing of your soluble tablets


The manufacture of soluble tablets requires an industrial installation under specialised atmospheric conditions. Our production machines are placed in airlocks  that are under controlled temperature and humidity rate and perfectly appropriate for this dosage form. 

We offer soluble tablets that are either scored with a diameter of 22 mm, or not scored with a diameter of 25 mm.

In order to respond to high volume production demands, we have invested in an automatised line to pack soluble tablets in plastic tubes and cardboard cases.

Our packagings

comprime effervescent


Soluble tablets are a commonly used format for food supplements since they enable to :

  • Ingest a wide quantity of active ingredients in one go

  • Ingest easily the ingredients which are already solubilised prior to administration 

  • Adapt our food supplements shape and form for people having difficulties to swallow

  • Reduce the duration of contact of the active ingredients to the wall of the stomach

  • Act more quickly since the soluble tablet format is more easily absorbed by the intestinal mucous membrane

Our R&D department develop new formulas with a reduced effervescence time and a limited mineral deposit when the tablet is fully dissolved.