Strapharm, your direct compression partner

Our know how in food supplements manufacturing started with direct compression. We are now putting this 30 years experience at the service of pills development and manufacture to guide you through your nutraceuticals design.


Our solutions

  • Effervescent

  • To chew

  • To suck

  • To swallow

  • To dissolve (table-top sweeteners)

  • Orodispersible or sublingual

  • Uncoated pills

  • Dragee pills

  • Film-coated pills


  • Round (diameter from 5 to 25 mm)

  • Oblong

  • Scored


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chewing-gums dragees

Our scope of application

  • Soluble tablets providing vitamins and minerals

  • Calcium, vitamin D 

  • Magnesium, vitamin B6 

  • Soluble tablets, energy drinks and sports rehydration solutions

  • Stimulant (guarana, ginger, caffeine…) 

  • Acerola BIO chewable tablets 

  • Phytotherapy

  • Aromatherapy / Essential oils

  • Natural sweeteners


Powder flavouring 

Our R&D laboratory is specialised in giving flavour to powder, pills and chewing gums. Medicinal plants and nutraceutical ingredients often have a strong and unpleasant taste according to the various formulas and active ingredients concentration. This is why we can add additional flavours, sweeteners or sugars, masking agents or other excipients according to your specifications, in order to make it easier to take the various pills and tablets we offer. 

We stand out as experts on food supplements for human nutrition as well as for pet food to reinforce the pills appetence.


Our soluble tablets