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Strapharm, over 30 years of experience in making food supplements


Our manufacturing business demands a consistent adaptation to the nutraceutical market as well as to our clients needs to suit their projects of development. 

Over the years, our experience and know-how gave us the opportunity to strengthen our design and manufacturing expertise for food supplements in various health sectors.


Natural and biological products



For many years, we have been certified by the ECOCERT organisation for the production of our biological food supplements, the manufacturing and packaging of the plain tablets, drag pills, powders and capsules.

Regarding the chewing gum option, we provide you a natural an biodegradable solution : NATUR’GUM.


Sports nutrition


Because food supplements intake is frequent for sportsmen and sportswomen, both amateurs and athletes, we design and manufacture a wide range of products for their special needs : hydration, muscular preparation, stamina, energy drinks, recovery, muscular fatigue, joints…

We master formulas with ingredients that are commonly used for sportsmen or sportswomen such as creatine, glutamine, BCAA… Nonetheless, we also use more natural ingredients with plants, antioxidants, plant-based proteins, or even biological products. 

We also commit to developing products in compliance with anti-doping standards (AFNOR NF V94-001 standard).





Conventional and biological essential oils are major ingredients in the nutraceutical area. However, because of their physical and chemical characteristics, the industrial development of essential oil-based products demands a strong know-how. We have therefore widened our skills to develop and manufacture aromatherapy products.

Our work in R&D enables us to incorporate essential oils in all of our dry formulas (powder, pills, capsules, chewing gums) thanks to our impregnation techniques.

Moreover, we offer formulas based of neutral pills that have been designed to absorb essential oils (BIO and non BIO versions). We have directed stability studies to enhance our knowledge on food supplements formulation with these concentrates of active ingredients.


Lactic acid bacteria


Thanks to recent scientific research, acid lactic fermentation is more and more at the centre of our development projects. Thus, we have adapted our industrial and R&D tools in order to safely incorporate lactic acid bacteria in our formulas and on our industrial site. We carefully select the strains to be able to meet your demands while taking technical and technological constraints into account.

We guide laboratories through acid lactic bacteria based food supplement formulation and manufacturing. According to your need, we combine strains and probiotics with other active ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and plants and we make sure that we maintain the viability of the acid lactic fermentation until the « Best Before Date » of your products.





Human nutrition is not our only area of expertise! We are indeed standing out as an expert in food supplement manufacture for pets. Pet food and animal nutrition are a booming sector, particularly in the naturalness, micro-nutrition and phytotherapy areas.

Using specific flavouring, we design formulas that are concentrated with powders and plant extracts and that maximise animals appetence for food. Moreover, our compression tools are compatible with scored tablets, making it easy to use the food supplements according to the animal weight.


Oral hygiene


Our expertise in the chewing gum manufacture makes us a preferred partner for your oral hygiene products development and manufacturing.

Sugar free chewing gums help neutralise acids on the dental plaque and reduce dry mouth. They also contributes in maintaining teeth mineralisation. 

Sweetened chewing gums containing 100% of xylitol help reduce the risk of dental cavities. These allegations about health, authorised by EFSA, are strong sales pitch for your company. In addition to the chewing gum range, we are currently developing other dosage forms for oral hygiene.


«  We are constantly monitoring new trends about biological ingredients to provide appropriate offers. Our BIO raw materials sourcing turns towards plants, essential oils, excipients and bulking agents to create 100% BIO food supplements. »

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