Powder packets

The packet format is the most appropriate packaging for formulas including a large amount of active ingredients.


Our solutions

  • Powder packets closed with 3 or 4 welds, one or two easy opening notches 

    • Weight : from 1 to 100 g

    • Aluminium and foil combination, blank or printed, ink jet printing of batch numbers, Best Before Date, and date of manufacture

    • Powder formulation

    • To reconstitute in water

    • Orodispersible : to dissolve in the mouth (no water needed), 

    • To sprinkle…

    • Effervescent powder packets

    • BIO certified powder packets

  • Powder sticks

  • Doypacks with zip closure or cap


Our scope of application

  • Plant-based food supplements

  • Herbal tea to take with hot water

  • Sports drinks

  • Oral rehydration solutions 

  • Acid lactic bacteria