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We have been working on manufacturing and packaging food supplements in dry form for over 30 years. We adapt our services according to your needs. Our core business is to provide full-service offers. Nonetheless, we can also offer manufacturing or packaging offers only.


Dry dosage form manufacturing


You are thinking of manufacture powder mix only or you are looking for an industrial partner to provide you bulk batches (pills, chewing gums or capsules) ?

We take care of raw materials sourcing and purchase. However, if you want to handle your own provision supplies, we save storage space for our clients in our warehouse (computurised traceability).


Everytime a new project comes in, we go through each step required to develop and adapt your project to an industry scale, in order to ensure both your product regulatory compliance and quality, and our consumers safety.


  1. 11-relation-clientBrief with our client / project feasibility study according to the specificationss
  2. 28-prototypeFormulation and packaging
  3. 317-devis-picto-eurosPricing (development, production…)
  4. 46-essaiDevelopment phase (preliminary tests, pilot tests…)
  5. 510-validation-devisFinal quote validation
  6. 67-essai-piloteAdministrative guidance to register your food supplement
  7. 715-fabrication1st industrial production
  8. 816-expeditionDelivery

Packaging of your food supplements


You are looking for an industrial partner to pack your pills, capsules, chewing gums, powders or softgels? Our sales teams at your disposal to send you a price offer for our packaging services. We are able to fulfil your needs for :

  • Blisters packs

  • Labelled pill dispensers

  • Powder packets

  • Powder jars

  • Cases


You can also provide you own and let us handle your stock of products (computerised traceability), or choose within our wide range of standard packagings.


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