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Trust us : we handle your food supplements project from start to finish



We are not just a food manufacturer : we provide full-service solutions to our clients. We anticipate new needs and stay proactive to come up with new ideas and services.

Our 30 years experience and expertise are at your service to design, manufacture and pack your food supplements in dry form in strict confidence. We aim to develop long-term partnerships with laboratories and enable them to respect quality, deadlines and constraints while marketing their products.

As each project is unique, we provide solutions designed for your specifications and the market and environment analysis.

We take care of your products manufacturing and packaging in strict accordance with our Quality policy which is based on clients satisfaction and consumers safety.


Our multidisciplinary team guides all food supplements brands to design, manufacture and pack their products.

  1. 11-relation-clientBrief with our client / project feasibility study according to the specifications
  2. 28-prototypeFormulation and packaging
  3. 317-devis-picto-eurosPricing (development, production…)
  4. 46-essaiDevelopment phase (preliminary tests, pilot tests…)
  5. 510-validation-devisFinal quote validation
  6. 67-essai-piloteAdministrative guidance to register your food supplement
  7. 715-fabrication 1st industrial production
  8. 816-expeditionDelivery