Our natural chewing gum, NATUR’GUM

NATUR'GUM : the first chewing gum made from a 100% natural and biodegradable* gum base


Chewing gums made from :

  • 100% natural and biodegradable* gum base
  • Natural active ingredients

  • Polymer-free

  • Environment friendly

  • From sustainably managed forests


* biodegradability study in progress



Our solutions

  • Forms  

    • Laminated chewing-gum without sugar coating (carnauba wax coating only)

    • Laminated chewing-gum with sugar coating (dragee form)

  • Sugar free or not

    • Version with sugar : we aim to keep our products naturel so we incorporate cane sugar in our recipies

    • Sugar-free version : we can add polyol and sweeteners according to your needs and specifications.

    • INNOVATION 2018 : our formula is 100% from natural xylitol, coming from birch bark extract -> a 100% natural sugar-free base  

  • With or without artifical colourings (titanium dioxide-free -> nanoparticle-free)

By choosing NATUR’GUM, you support sustainable agriculture and promote a solution for environmental pollution issues. Our natural gum comes from the South-East tropical forests of Mexico, where producers’ business is based on sustainable development, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FCS). Thanks to an ancestral know how, sap is extracted from a special tree (Manilkara bidentata) which only grows in this tropical area. The sap is then stretched and moulded by hand to come out as a 100% natural gum base.

This chewing gum is vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

Packagings :

  • Cardboard pocket-size case 

  • Blister pack x 12 chewing gums in a sleeve or case 

  • Labelled pill dispenser with a tamper-proof lid



To develop an even more natural, biodegradable and ecological concept !

You are looking for more natural and 100% biodegradable chewing gums ? Choose our NATUR'GUM gum base made from a sweetened formula made from xylitol coming from birch bark extract (100% xylitol).

Regarding our packaging options, the most environment-friendly solution is the cardboard-made case, printed with vegetable-based ink. We have therefore selected a IMPRIM'VERT certified cardboard maker since this certification means that printers are environmentally aware. Our partner genuinely desire to reduce all environmental impacts caused by his printing business. As a distributor, you can benefit from his  Imprim’Vert certification to reinforce your communication about our environmental commitment on your packagings.