Dragee chewing gums

Chewing gums are mainly composed of gum base and sweeteners or sugar. Other excipients such as emulsifiers, stabilisers, colourings and flavours. We add active ingredients according to the health objective to our functional chewing gums.


2 solutions

  • Coated laminated chewing gum

    • The traditional chewing gum form with its coating

    • With or without sugar

    • With or without colouring

  • Uncoated laminated chewing gum

    • For a more natural look

    • With or without sugar

    • Carnauba wax coating

chewing-gums dragees


The industrial manufacture of laminated and coated chewing gums

All of the ingredients and the gum base are mixed in a kneading machine for 15 to 20 minutes. When the kneading is complete, the mixture reaches a 50°C temperature. It as then poured into an extruder, and pressed to obtain strips of various thickness that go through the mill and are cut into small pieces. Once they cooled down, these pieces are kept at a precise temperature and humidity rate for three weeks. Then, they are coated with several layers of liquid sugars, polyols and flavours. That is how you obtain dragee gums that can be packed.

Packagings :

  • Cardoard pocket-size case x 20 dragee gums

  • Blister pack x 12 chewing gums in a sleeve or a case

  • Labelled pill dispenser with a tamper-proof lid -> amount of chewing gums according to your needs