Chewable tablets or compressed gums

Compressed gums are the new generation of chewing gums. They come as a chewable tablets. As we can guess from its name, this form of chewing gum is industrially produced by direct compression (press or tablet machine). They contain a gum base that can be directly compressed and a combination of sweeteners. Then, we add some nutraceutical ingredients according to your formulas and needs.


Advantages of compressed gums

The manufacturing process of our compressed gums is simpler and easier compared to laminated chewing gums production steps. Besides, compressed gums do not need a high temperature process.

This format is therefore ideal to add heat sensitive active ingredients such as vitamin C or other thermal ingredients.



  • Shape : round with a diameter of 16 mm

  • Coated to be crunchy and tasty

  • Possibility to add colours according to the production volume


  • Blister pack x 8 compressed gums in a sleeve or a case

  • Labelled pill dispenser with sealed cap

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