Chewing gums are an original and fun format for your nutraceuticals !


With or without active ingredients, chewing gums are always a moment of pleasure with their refreshing and sweet flavours.

Sugar-free chewing gums are a great format for your dental health products. Because of the ingredients used for the manufacturing of chewing gums and the current regulations, the dosage form is an effective communication approach for your health care products (teeth, dry mouth, dental plaque…).


Chewing gums as dental health products

The chewing gum format is a true asset for your dental health products compared to other dosage forms. Numerous health claims regarding chewing gums were given  an assent from EFSA : 

  • Teeth mineralisation support

  • Reduction of dry mouth sensations 

  • Reduction of dental demineralisation (which is a major risk factor in cavities development)

  • Neutralisation of dental plaque acids de la plaque dentaire (which is a risk factor in cavities development)

Moreover, sweetened chewing gums made from 100% xylitol reduce dental plaque which is a risk factor in cavities development)



Chewing gums give you a wide range of possibilities for your food supplements

As this format has a high potential of development, we can develop a wide range of food supplements and nutraceuticals concepts for all of the R&D services we offer.

As for every other dosage form, we can add active ingredients at the center of the gum : 

  • Powders or plant extracts

  • Essential oils

  • Algae

  • Vitamins

  • Minerals

  • Trace elements

  • Synthesis active ingredients (caffeine, taurine…)

  • Others…



We can therefore respond to your concepts of your health care products such as : 

  • Aromatherapy

  • Digestion

  • Slimming

  • Acid lactic bacteria

  • Tone / vitality

  • Sport / stamina / recovery

  • Antioxydants

  • Relaxation / sleep

  • Memory / concentration…


We can offer 3 various solutions according to your development projects, specifications and technical constraints :

Dragee gums

Chewing gums

NATUR’GUM our natural chewing gums